3 Iterative Products on KList

3 min readJun 23, 2021
3 Iterative Products on KList

On KList, there is a decentralized protocol developed for the purpose of initial project offerings. It enhances raising funds for projects in a license-free, decentralized and interoperable environment that is present on KList.

KList has a commitment to cater to diverse IDO plans and approaches to complete the updates from KList Version 1 to Version 3. This update is expected to be achieved in 2 years according to the technical path of developing iterative products.

Based on the features of the core products, KList Version 1 (V1) will enable a fixed SWAP pool offering. Version 2 (V2) will enable a liquid SWAP pool offering. Then the Version 3 (V3) which was inspired by the Sushi MISO model, is to develop a combinable IDO.

So let’s discuss these different versions in clear terms:

Fixed SWAP Pool Offering (Version 1)

The first method that KList will adopt is the Fixed SWAP pool offering. It is a fixed initial price offering model which includes the Private and Public Pool.

Private Pool: this method is an IDO for the private. It is done by acquiring the Pre Whitelist of users based on the tasks of the project party in the whitelist approach. However, the project party will have to vet and choose the final whitelist users. There’s the flexibility for the project party to configure their offering options to give them maximum outcome as they want.

Public Pool: this is an IDO for the public which is effectively done in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) method of fundraising. The flexibility that the project party enjoys with this method is that they can configure offering options. They may include Total Amount, Price per Unit, Max Unit, and Ways to Obtain (FIFO).

Liquid SWAP Pool Offering (Version 2)

This is another version of the KList product offering which is the method of liquid SWAP pool offering. There will be a smart pool that KList will establish and then adopt Dutch auctions. With the adoption of the Dutch auctions, the project party will be able to set a reasonably high coin price at the very start. Much later with further improvement, the price will slowly go down to a reasonable figure that will be preferred.

Combinable MISO Offering (Version 3)

The last KList Version update is the Combinable MISO offering which is the Version 3 (V3). When it comes to offering the KList MISO, different combination tools will be built using the smart contract packages. These combination tools will be known as “IDO Ingredients.”

You should note that these IDO ingredients do have a variety of tools that are required to activate tokens. Many of these things include offering, TokenFactory, Community popularity, Marketing, and many others. In the case of combinable MISO offering, the mid-price is generally an optimal market price, however, it all depends on the “ingredients.” When it gets to the KList MISO product, all projects will go right from R&D to initial offering and token pricing. At the end of the day, it makes the entire process and every step a lot easier and smoother.




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