KList AMA with Quilliam

KList AMA with Quilliam

Q1: This is the most asked question in our community. Since KList supports multi-chain deployment. Why did you choose OKExChain in the first place?


KList is a cross-chain IDO platform. OKExChain is developed based on Cosmos, and is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, supports super-strong cross-chain technology, which is in line with the concept of KList. Moreover, our community has a good cooperation and relationship with OKEX. As the first IDO platform on OKExChain, we have certain representative significance, so we choose to deploy on OKExchain first.

Q2: I heard that KList provides diversified IDO methods from the introduction. What are the distribution methods and are they different from the existing IDO platform?


As far as the IDO platform in the current market is concerned, there are Uniswap issued by DEX, Bounce, a catapult platform dedicated to token distribution, Polkastarter that supports cross-chain, Balancer that can provide liquidity, and SUSHI, who first proposed MISO issuance. IDO’s issuance method has been iteratively derived, and these platforms have their own characteristics. Compared with IDO platforms such as Balancer, PolkaStarter, and DuckStarter, KList integrates the advantages of these platforms based on the pricing mechanism and entry barriers and launches a fixed SWAP pool and a mobile SWAP pool on the basis of cross-chain and multi-chain, as well as a combinable MISO issuance method. In contrast, KList has a richer IDO issuance method, allowing users and project parties to choose the best way to participate in KList according to the actual situation, or directly carry IDO in multiple chains and multiple methods.
You can compare according to this graphic:

Q3: We think the biggest highlight of KList is the margin system. Can you describe it in detail?


KList pioneered the world first margin system. In the decentralized token issuance method, pricing mechanisms, participation thresholds, issuance methods, etc. have been deriving and iterating, however, the interests of users have never been put in the first place, the problems like “Scientists escape away” and “fraud projects” once appeared on Unisawap. Although BOUNCE solves the problem of “scientists escape away”, platforms such as PolkaStarter and WeStarter will review the projects, there is no practical measure to protect the interests of users. The platform and the project party still have chance to doing evil. And to solve it, KList take use of margin to lock the transaction for the project that are carrying IDO. The tokens raised by the project party will adopt a lock-up mechanism, support a lock-up period of one month to one year, and support 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% lock-in of the total amount of fundraising in a single time. KList has also launched an on-chain margin mechanism to solve this problem in an open and transparent manner. Once a fraudulent project occurs, the liquidation can be initiated after the community votes. With the repayment mechanism, the liquidation funds will be returned in proportion to the original way, so that KList can more effectively protect the rights and interests of users.

Q4: Which institutions have invested in KList? can you introduce information about one or two institutions in detail?


We have received investments from Alphacoin Fund, Zonff Partners, Advgrowth Fund, VEGA Ventures, 7 O’Clock Capital, Blockway Ventures, Hoo labs, Hot Labs, Panda Capital, K24 Ventures, Bitmart, Redine Capita, etc. They are investment institutions from all over the world.

Among them, Advgrowth Fund is an industry-leading asset management company headquartered in California, USA, which involves multiple fields, including private investment, foreign exchange, stocks, funds, etc. Advgrowth Fund believes that today’s blockchain technology has matured day by day, and its B fund mainly concentrates funds on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects for investment Planning, the main force will be invested in [blockchain + finance].

7 O’Clock Capital is a blockchain community fund focusing on DEFI projects in the global blockchain field. It is a very influential in the blockchain industry. The community fund, the DeFi seven o’clock community under 7 O’Clock Capital, is the first DeFi community in China, covering 200,000 + cryptocurrency users. It was jointly initiated and established by a number of industry leaders from the cryptocurrency, blockchain and blockchain technology industry. It can help the project quickly occupy the DeFi community and acquire accurate and high-quality users.

KList Cooperative Investment Institutions

Q5: How is the project progress of KList, and when will it go online?


The KList test version has been announced, and Airdrop events is ended.

We will go online when the OKExChain mainnet ecosystem opens. The KList V2 version is expected to go online in the third quarter. It will complete the liquidity SWAP pool issuance and margin locking transactions, and the deployment of KList on BSC, Polkadot, SOL and other public chains. At the same time, it will connect the cross-chain bridge and the cross-chain pool to realize the cross-chain multi-chain IDO. In the fourth quarter, KList will launch the combinable MISO, complete the product iteration from V1 to V3 to fully realized diversified IDO issuance. Of course, all these plans may be advanced as KList has a professional technical team.

Twitter Questions

Twitter Q1: How do ordinary investors participate in KList investment? It is able to carry IDO?


We have received investment from many institutions. These funds will be used for product development and iteration. After the KOL round is over, we will take IDO into consideration. Please kindly pay attention to official announcement to get more information.

Ordinary investors can participate investment via IDO.

Twitter Q2: Compared with other IDO platforms, what are the advantages of KList?


① KList world first margin system: KList launched an on-chain margin mechanism. Once a fraudulent IDO project occurs, the liquidation and repayment mechanism can be initiated after a community vote. The liquidated funds will be returned in proportion to the original way, which maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests.

② KList will build a prosperous IDO derivative ecosystem: The core product of KList is IDO DAPP. KList will develop more ecological fields around the IDO derivative ecosystem, including multi-chain IDO, custodial pledge, liquidity mining, trading, etc., so that it can be retained the assets of the IDO platform to make the assets of project parties and users more liquid. Therefore, KList is not just an IDO platform. Users can not only participate in IDO on KList, but also can enjoy the services of liquid mining, market maker transactions, cross-chain SWAP transactions, etc., which make users earn income on the KLIST platform.

③ KList has diversified IDO issuance methods: KList integrates the advantages of the current high-quality IDO platform based on the pricing mechanism, entry barriers, etc., KList launches fixed SWAP pool and mobile SWAP pool on the basis of cross-chain and multi-chain, as well as composable MISO issuance method. With a richer IDO distribution method, users and project parties can choose the best way to participate in KList according to the actual situation.

Twitter Q3: With so many IDO platforms, why choose to do IDO in KList?


1. KList has a strict review mechanism for projects, but the approved projects are able to share the KList ecological economy.

2. We support multiple chains and provide diversified IDO methods. Project parties can choose one or more that are more suitable for them.

3. There are many projects that require IDO in such a large market, and we only need to occupy a part of the market.




KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform

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KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform

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