KList AMA with Quilliam Potter — July 07, 2021

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KList AMA with Quilliam

Q1. Please make a brief introduction of KList

Quilliam: KList is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform that supports the deployment of multi-chain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polygon, OKExChain, BSC, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, etc. It pioneered a margin system and provides multiple IDO issuance methods.

Q2. When will the first IDO be launched on the KList?

Quilliam: KList has received many project applications, and our team is currently taking comprehensive due diligence measures to select high-quality projects for IDO. Stay tuned.

Q3. What are the advantages of the KList platform compared to other platforms?

Quilliam: 1) KList provides diversified IDO issuance methods, including fixed SWAP pool, mobile SWAP pool and MISO pool.
2) The KList provides multi-chain and supports the multi-chain ecological deployment of Ethereum, Polygon, OKExChain, BSC, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, etc.
3) KList pioneered the IDO platform margin system to maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests.
4) KList is not just a IDO platform, it also develops derivative ecologies based on IDO, focusing on development like multi-chain IDO, custodial pledge, liquidity mining, SWAP transaction etc.

Q4. When will the KList ecological governance token $LIST be listed on the exchange? What exchange will be listed?

Quilliam: KList has completed the seed round investment, and we have good partnership with multiple exchanges, we will announce related news in the near future. Stay tuned.

Q5. Why does KList cooperate with Polygon? Are there any plans?

Quilliam: As a one-stop Layer 2 aggregator, Polygon solves the expansion problem of Ethereum, users can enjoy the same DEFI experience with relatively low gas, which is very user-friendly.
And KList also hopes to satisfy users with a better experience with margin system or providing diversified IDO issuance methods. The idea of Polygon and KList are consistent.
As a very successful platform, Polygon is welcomed by the market, and it is a great honor for KList to cooperate with it.

Twitter Questions

Twitter Q1: What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners ?

Quilliam: The global expansion plan has already been on some scale. Currently, we have built partnerships in the United States, Japan, Vietnam, India, China, etc.
But what we pay more attention is our products and ecology. To improve ecological construction is our primary goal this year.

Twitter Q2: Partners, partners in every project play a huge role as backup and support at every start of a project/company, so my question is What role do your partners play in the ecosystem of Your Project and what benefits do they have for being a partner?

Quilliam: Our partners include investment institutions, cooperative companies, community builders, KOLs, community sponsors, etc. They promote KList and introduce many resources for us so that more people know KList. Meanwhile, they thinks highly of KList, and can get airdrops and some investment quotas.

Twitter Q3: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success, Most projects have programs that interact with their users,Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Quilliam: KList’s partners are a united group. They will provide a lot of resources and contribute themselves to promote KList. And we will reward them with tokens and other gifts as current reward method.

Twitter Q4: A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #KList planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #KList team?

Quilliam: of course. We have been recruiting partners with blockchain industry experience, and this will continue for a long time. KList welcome many outstanding worldwide partners to join our team.

Twitter Q5: Do you have a solution so that the price of your coin project does not depend on the price of bitcoin? If there is, please explain.. For example if the price of bitcoin has decreased, your coin project will not experience a decline.. #KList #LIST $LIST

Quilliam: I’m sorry that I cannot talk too much since this is a private question. All I can say is that KList is a platform for derivative ecology based on IDO. The ecologies include Swap, mortgage mining, liquidity mining, safekeeping pledge, etc., which can help users to earn income. The prosperity of the ecology determines the token price, so let’s wait and see.




KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform