KList opens the era of differentiated competition under IDO track trend

6 min readMay 16, 2021

The DeFi boom has given vitality to the entire market. In the DEFI ecosystem, as the initial decentralized IDO platform, adhering to the idea of decentralization, it has become a keen IPO method for many DEFI projects.

IDO becomes the new fortune code

The extremely high return on investment has led to a substantial increase in recent IDO projects. In the past five months and three weeks, a total of 13 popular projects have carried IDO. On the Polkastarter platform, Paid carried IDO at a price of $0.042 then the $150,000 quota was sold out instantly. After Paid went live, the highest return on investment reached 149.91 times. Also, for IDO’s cross-chain aggregation protocol O3 Swap that has just ended IDO, which has carried it both on Bounce and duckdao at a price of $1. After being listed on the exchange, O3 Swap has a maximum return on investment of more than 15 times.

At the same time, the price of governance tokens on the relevant IDO platform has also risen. According to the date from Feixiaohao, as of mid-May, IDO governance tokens have risen astonishingly this year: Bounce’s platform token has increased by 1049.24%, WeStarter’s platform token WAR has increased by 654% while Polkastarter’s platform token POLS rose 387%. Among them, POLS has risen more than 60 times since it has been listed last year.

The seed round of fundraising has been completed fastly

After Solana’s first IDO platform Solstarter successfully completed financing in the IDO platform financing market, a number of media at home and abroad have recently reported that the cross-chain IDO platform KList has received seed rounds of investment from many institutions and many well-known institutions are on the list, including Advgrowth Fund, VEGA Ventures, 7 O’Clock Capital, Blockway Ventures, Hoo labs, Hot Labs, Panda Capital, etc.

The date shows that KList is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, and it was first deployed on OKExChain to provide multiple IDO issuance methods, support Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot and other multi-chain ecological deployments and pioneered an on-chain margin system.

KList is extremely popular in overseas markets. The project team members have held an AMA almost every day to patiently introduce the project development plan and overall project progress to the communities since May 2021.

Why KList was first deployed on OKEXChain?

The KList project is progressing very fast. It was launched in December 2020. The IDO product design was carried out in January 2021, and the BSC and ADA chain tests were completed in February. In March, the team collectively decided to deploy on OKExChain first. So far, the airdrop of the OKExChain testnet has been completed.

Why KList was first deployed on OKEXChain? This question is often asked repeatedly in AMA. According to KList in an overseas AMA, OKEx is one of the world’s famous exchanges, with a broad trading foundation in China, and the quality of its listed projects are relatively high, so we are optimistic about the potential of OKExChain and believe that relying on the influence of the OKEX exchange, it is expected to become a world-class popular public chain.”

“KList chose to be the first to deploy on OKExChain as we hope to make Klist the leading IDO on OKExChain, which is also the common desire of our community.”

KList has obvious advantages compared with similar IDO platforms

The birth of KList given the first shot of the OKExChain IDO platform. Compared with IDO projects on other platforms, KList has many highlights.

Diversified issuance options

If the IDO platform is regarded as a decentralized project market, what KList needs to do is to attract more project parties to enter the market. The current DEFI ecosystem is booming, but the needs of the project parties are different. Starting from the formulation of the design plan, the KList team has made it the primary goal of the project to meet the diverse IDO issuance needs of the project party.

In the KList project plan, KList has almost incorporated all popular public chains in the market into the development plan and will provide a one-stop cross-chain bridge function to meet the needs of different chain assets for cross-chain IDO. “Our project is positioned on Polkadot’s multi-chain platform. We plan to release 1/3 of the initial tokens and issue them on BSC, ADA and SOl respectively. KList can Meet our cross-chain issuance needs”, the founder of a popular multi-chain project who is negotiating to launch KList said.

The white paper discloses that in order to meet the diversified needs of IDO issuance, KList will provide fixed pool issuance, liquid pool and combinable MISO issuance.

“Considering the different project team composition, fundraising structure, project economic model and pricing method, as well as different requirements for issuance methods from projects. Some projects are generally popular, and they hope to raise funds through IDO platform for pricing. It is estimated that these project parties would like to adopt a combination of fixed issuance, task issuance and Dutch liquid issuance.” According to Klist’s official Telegram group.

Investment security protection mechanism

For blockchain primary market investment, investors are most concerned about the potential of the project, reasonable pricing and project reliability.

Uniswap and Balancer’s LBP and SushiSwap adopt the IDO issuing method without threshold. Any project party only needs to invest a certain amount of token pairs can carry liquidity issuance. The advantage is that it is open and public, but it can also bring many fraudulent projects. Some new coins often quickly return to zero after marketing hype, and the publishers even escape with money. Theoretically, the IEO project has the audit checks by the exchange so it has better controllability.

KList hopes to add investment security to IDO issuance and intends to make up for the defect that IDO issuance has no threshold.

KList has launched an on-chain margin mechanism. Once a fraudulent project occurs, the clearing and repayment mechanism can be activated after the community votes and the liquidation fund will be returned in proportion to the original way, so that KList can more effectively limit the occurrence of fraudulent projects. Specifically, IDO projects on KList need to use margin lock-in transactions, and the tokens raised by the project party will adopt a lock-up mechanism, KList supports a lock-up period of one month to one year, as well as 10%, 20%, 50%, and 100% lock-in of the total amount of a single fundraising.

In addition, KList has a dedicated team responsible for project due diligence, contract audits, and project materials (white papers, documents) review for each applied project. In future plan, KList will also introduce project quality review into DAO governance, which includs holding LIST tokens to obtain more project recommendation rights, participating in project due diligence and being adopted to obtain LIST rewards.

The security of the IDO platform itself is also an aspect that IDO project parties and users care about. The KList team believes that security is the lifeline of the sustainable development of the blockchain. In terms of platform construction, KList has introduced security architects from Internet giants to lead the security architecture design of KList. The platform’s security measures include contract audits (two), insurance mechanisms, change review and other risk control mechanisms, as well as technical measures such as homomorphic encryption, key distributed control, and WEB3 integration.

Not just IDO products

The core product of KList is IDO DAPP as IDO participating project parties and users have the needs of token storage and trading. In order to make the user experience better and let IDO’s retained assets play greater value, around the IDO derivative ecology KList will focus on the development of ecological areas, including multi-chain IDO, custodial pledge, liquidity mining and trading, etc.

The IDO track is very popular. Let us wait and see how big waves KList can make for the first IDO platform on OKExChain.




KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform