KList: What It’s all about and Its Outstanding Benefits

5 min readJul 18, 2021


It’s quite exciting to have more interesting projects coming up every day, platforms that provide real solutions just like KList. There’s so much this project has to offer and we aim to highlight many of them here for your benefit. The goal is to help you understand it better and take full advantage of the features.

We’ll dive into what KList is all about and some of the mind-blowing features that are loaded on this project. So let’s get started!

What exactly is KList?

KList is a cross-chain IDO platform that is super decentralized. It offers diversified IDO issuance methods.

What does that mean?

It means that KList will serve as a consensus bridge between start-up projects and the community users. The main focus of this project is to provide easy connectivity between start-ups and their users.

The first deployment of KList will be on OKExChain. Later, it will support multi-chain ecological deployments like DOT, BSC, ETH, etc.

One of the main challenges people have with blockchain transactions is when the cost is on the high side. The purpose of KList is to offer the lowest cost, most convenient, and highly secured project issuance mechanism for the project party and users.

In comparison to other IDO platforms, KList employs the integration of the issuance methods of other existing IDO platforms and has even made some improvements.

A good example is the Diversified IDO methods which include a fixed SWAP pool and they contain PUBLIC pools accessible by all users. They also have a private pool (PRE WHITELIST audit system), combinable MISO, and liquid SWAP pool (Dutch auction).

What makes KList Outstanding?

There are some features and functionality that make KList stand out from the existing systems. Let’s start with the margin system present on the super decentralized platform.

KList features the first margin system in the world, hence, providing more choices and voting rights to investors. Also, this margin system helps protect the rights of investors maximally to avoid any form of evil from the project parties.

Another feature present on KList that really favors project users is the professional review. Based on the data we gathered from our research, only a few IDO platforms carry out reviews for projects.

Having to invest in fraudulent projects is in no way good for investors. However, KList conducts a strict review of projects to ensure that every IDO project created on KList is of the best quality.

KList carries out the review process of every project party with all due diligence to deal with every fraudulent project issuance. There’s also a margin and background check measure to increase the protection of the rights and interests of investors.

Furthermore, KList demands the verification of all initial token offerings on the platform. The process of verification requires that the project party submit a contract audit report. They also have to provide comprehensive project documentation (White paper and other documents) created by professional platforms.

Considering the invitation of OKExChain, KList will first be deployed on OKExChain then the deployment on every other chain will be completed at once. One of the reasons why we choose OKExChain first is because we share the same vision. OKExChain introduced the IBC cross-chain solution of OKEx gateway which has compatibility with Cosmos and the EVM virtual machine technology.

The goal of KList is to make diverse assets available to users so that they can participate in IDO platforms. Also, aiming to enhance the development of a much larger range of blockchain projects that can be easily accessed by users.

Now, it doesn’t matter if more people get to access these projects and they end up being defrauded. To mitigate that to the lowest minimum, there’s a system that KList created to ensure that users don’t lose their funds when investing. It is a system that ensures linear release of funds and earnest money during any instance of a fraudulent project.

Once the project and the project party are found suspicious, all funds will be locked and distributed back to the users. This makes KList very exceptional as it puts the interests of investors above every other thing. Hence, protecting all users’ funds to the utmost.

KList has different products that are available on the platform. However, IDO DAPP constitutes the major product of the super decentralized platform. So what’s the function of IDO DAPP? It offers both users/investors and project parties various high-level functions such as asset storage, trading, and many others.

There are more benefits to this as the platform intends to let IDO-retained assets be able to play a better role. To enjoy these benefits, KList plans to build more IDO ecosystems. These include liquidity mining, multi-chain IDO, trading, asset storage, pledges, and other functions.

What’s the idea behind the name ‘KList’?

You might be able to get an idea about how the “List” came about. Considering the fact that the term means when a project gets listed on a particular platform for trading and other applications.

However, if you are curious to know, the “K” was derived from a different story entirely. We have been able to build and enjoy a good relationship with OKEx and we were ready to deploy first on OKExChain. So, we thought to commemorate our ongoing relationship by placing the “K” before the “List”.

The initiation of KList began in Silicon Valley. Our outstanding developers and offices are majorly distributed in Silicon Valley, Seoul, Hong Kong, and other places as we currently have a distributed office model.




KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform