KList’s AMA In Capital Blockchain

AMA with Adam

Host:What is KList..? Can you explain in more detail..?

Adam:KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform. It will first be deployed on OKExChain, and will subsequently support multi-chain ecological deployments such as ETH, BSC, DOT, etc. provide diversified IDO issuance methods so that to become a consensus bridge between start-up projects and community users.

It aims to provide the project party with the most convenient, lowest cost, and most suitable project issuance mechanism.KList has a sound review process for each project, in order to punish fraudulent project issuance, KList has also established a margin and background check measure to maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests.

KList was initiated in Silicon Valley, but we are under a distributed office model and our excellent developers and offices are mainly distributed in Silicon Valley, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc.

Host: why did KList choose to run on the OKEXChain network in the first place?

Adam: OKExChain introduces EVM virtual machine technology and the IBC cross-chain solution of OKEx cross-chain gateway that is compatible with Cosmos. which coincides with our vision. Besides, our community has a very good relationship and cooperation with OKEx officials. At the invitation of OKExChain, we will first deploy on OKExChain, and the deployment on other chains will be completed immediately. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot chain, and other networks will be launched at the end of May.

Host: What Are The Distinguished Advantages of KList Compared To other ido platform?

Adam: Compared with other IDO platforms, KList integrates the issuance methods of the existing IDO platforms and has made some improvements, for example:

Diversified IDO methods, which including fixed SWAP pool that contains PUBLIC pool (for all users) and private pool (PRE WHITELIST audit system), liquid SWAP pool (Dutch auction), and combinable MISO (according to various rules to promote an optimal market price).

Margin System: KList has the world’s first margin system, which makes investors have more choices and voting rights, as well as protecting investors’ rights to the maximum to prevent project parties from doing evil.

Professional review: According to our data research, very few IDO platforms review projects, which is not friendly to investors, but KList has strict review of projects and IDO projects in KList are all the best quality projects.

Host: Can you talk to us about your roadmap?


Start-up Phase (Q4 2020 to Q1 2021)

Overall Plan Design

Product Prototype

Angel Investor Funding

Project Documentation

Multi-Language Support (English, Chinese and Japanese)

Version 1 (Q2-Q3 2021)

Fixed SWAP Pool Offering (the Public Pool and Private Pool)

Liquidity Mining


Launching one or Two IDO Projects

Version 2 (Q4 2021 to Q1 2022)

Liquid SWAP Pool Offering

Cross-Chain IDO

Cross-Chain SWAP

10 Premium IDO Offerings

Version 3 (after Q2 2022)

Combinable MISO Offering

100 Premium Project Offerings

Decentralized Community Governance

Host: DeFi made headlines in 2020 and I also think DeFi will be the focus of 2021 and always in the spotlight, what role does KList play in innovation and change the future of DeFi?

Adam: With the improvement of DEFI infrastructure in the blockchain market, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have discovered the charm of DEFI, so the prospect of DEFI cannot be ignored.

In the DEFI world, the bridge between the project party and the user is the IDO platform. For example, some well-known projects such as CERE, API3, PREP, etc. are issued through IDO.

KList as a super cross-chain IDO platform, with diversified issuance methods, cross-chain support, large-scale ecosystem deployment, and strict security protection mechanisms, etc., it can meet market demand to a certain extent. Therefore, the market potential of KList is very huge.

Host: What is your plan to reach out global user? Do you have local Communities for them who don’t understand English well

Adam: We are already deploying our markets in more countries, so stay tuned!



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KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform