KList’s AMA In Crypto Caravan Community

AMA In Crypto Caravan Community

Q1.Please introduce yourself and tell how you started a crypto business to the Caravan Community !?

hello, i’m a crypto lover, as well as the Klist sponsor, i’m so happy to be here to share my views about Klist. We found your community is good so we’d like to hold an AMA here

Q2. Can you share with the community what KListOff has been doing from the roadmap ?

Start-up Phase (Q4 2020 to Q1 2021)

Overall Plan Design

Product Prototype

Angel Investor Funding

Project Documentation

Adam Durst, [11.05.21 20:15]

Version 1 (Q2-Q3 2021)

Fixed SWAP Pool Offering (the Public Pool and Private Pool)

Liquidity Mining


Launching One or Two IDO Projects

Version 2 (Q4 2021 to Q1 2022)

Liquid SWAP Pool Offering

Cross-Chain IDO

Cross-Chain SWAP

10 Premium IDO Offerings

Version 3 (after Q2 2022)

Combinable MISO Offering

100 Premium Project Offerings

Decentralized Community Governance

So far, we have achieved the start-up phrase and the Version 1, and other versions will be achieved as soon as possible.

Q3. What is that one significant milestone Klist has achieved which you are proud to share ?

Our DAPP has already launched and it has been recognized by many institutions and investors.

Could you mention some institutions or investors??

The first batch of institutions will be announced in the near future, so stay tuned!

Q4. What are the unique features does KListOff provide as compared to other projects?

Compared with other IDO platforms, KList integrates the issuance methods of the existing IDO platforms and has made some improvements, for example:

Diversified IDO methods, which including fixed SWAP pool that contains PUBLIC pool (for all users) and private pool (PRE WHITELIST audit system), liquid SWAP pool (Dutch auction), and combinable MISO (according to various rules to promote an optimal market price)

Margin System: KList has the world’s first margin system, which makes investors have more choices and voting rights, as well as protecting investors’ rights to the maximum to prevent project parties from doing evil.

Professional review: According to our data research, very few IDO platforms review projects, which is not friendly to investors, but KList has strict review of projects and IDO projects in KList are all the best quality projects.

Q5. What are your upcoming plans or events?

We will have some cooperations with KOLs from many media like Youtube, Twitter, Medium, etc. Also, we will keep hold airdrop activites.

Q1. Twitter ID: @Jaranany1

I’ve heard that initial offerings of blockchain project tokens have gone through many iterations. So as a super IDO platform, whats your best offering methods & ecosystem layout that surely meet the market-oriented demands to a certain extent & to enjoys huge market potential?

Answer: For our marketing and ecosystem layout, we have mentioned above, more details will be announced in the near future, so stay tuned.

Q2. Twitter ID: @AlexHun001

Security is a fundamental pillar for platforms like KLIST. Then What security protocols have you included in your platform to protect all the assets and products of your major commercial partners and users? How immune are they to malicious attacks?

Answer: Blockchain is a distributed storage technology, and the probability of being attacked is very small and KList is a cross-chain IDO platform built on top of this so its security is very high.

Q3. Twitter ID: @Zenu56434384

It caught my attention the fact that KList is running on the OKEXChain Network, instead of Ethereum, BSC or Polkadot, can you tell us why is that? What benefits bring OKEX to you as an IDO Platform?

Answer: OKExChain introduces EVM virtual machine technology and the IBC cross-chain solution of OKEx cross-chain gateway that is compatible with Cosmos. which coincides with our vision, Besides, our community has a very good relationship and cooperation with OKEx officials,

Q4. Twitter ID: @ZamoraJoana

The architecture of KList as project was deployed on Okex Chain, so just for curiousity, can you tell us what are the benefits that this chains offered you, over BSC or HECO?

Answer: Since we are the first IDO platform deployed on OKExChain, we have a good cooperative relationship so they will provide us with a lot of technology and various resources.

Q5. Twitter ID: @Ripper15048186

Do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosystem periodically and also invite developers to build?

Answer: The security has always been our priority, and due to KList platform was built on decentralized technology, the security is high. Also, we have cooperated with the OKExChain tech team, with the help of them, we will created a complete security system to guarantee our investors interest and rights.


1. How does KLIST rate the importance of the user community?

Answer: 1. Community members help KList to promote our ecological development.

2. Holding LIST tokens could participate in KList ecological governance voting and determine the future development of KList


Does your GREAT PLATFORM have plan about Staking?

Answer: We have swap pool for users to mine tokens

3. Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only limited for professional users?

Answer: Both

4. What are your future plans this year?

Answer: Version 1 (Q2-Q3 2021)

Fixed SWAP Pool Offering (the Public Pool and Private Pool)

Liquidity Mining


Launching One or Two IDO Projects

Version 2 (Q4 2021 to Q1 2022)

Liquid SWAP Pool Offering

Cross-Chain IDO

Cross-Chain SWAP

10 Premium IDO Offerings

5. Do you plan for BSC or polkadot in future? Do have plans to add your project in various blockchians in the future?

Answer: Yes.It will first be deployed on OKExChain, and will subsequently support multi-chain ecological deployments such as ETH, BSC, DOT,ADA etc.



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