KList’s AMA in the Boss_crypto_community

AMA with Adam

Host: Hello everyone & welcome to today’s AMA session with KLIST.

MR. Adam Durst (Sponsor of KLIST) will join us today as the guest.

I believe that there are a lot of people who are interested in KList must looking forward to today’s event and want to know more about KList, and today we are so honored to invite KList Sponsor Adam Durst to be here and share his views with us. Let’s welcome Adam!

Adam: Thank you, and I also appreciate the opportunity to be here to share my views about KList to the friends in this community group.

Host: Ok, then let’s get started. Firstly, Adam, could you please make a brief introduction of KList?

Adam: KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform. It will first be deployed on OKExChain,and will subsequently support multi-chain ecological deployments such as ETH, BSC, DOT, etc.provide diversified IDO issuance methods so that to become a consensus bridge between start-up projects and community users. It aims to provide the project party with the most convenient, lowest cost, and most suitable project issuance mechanism.KList has a sound review process for each project, in order to punish fraudulent project issuance, KList has also established a margin and background check measure to maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests.

KList was initiated in Silicon Valley. but we are under a distributed office model and our excellent developers and offices are mainly distributed in Silicon Valley, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc.

Host: As well as the vision and strategy. With such a platform, it will benefit for both project party and community users, but how do you think KList market potential?

Adam: With the improvement of DEFI infrastructure in the blockchain market, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have discovered the charm of DEFI, so the prospect of DEFI cannot be ignored.

In the DEFI world, the bridge between the project party and the user is the IDO platform, For example, some well-known projects such as CERE, API3, PREP, etc. are issued through IDO. Currently, there are already many IDO platforms on the market, such as Uniswap, Balancer, Polkastarter, Bounce, Mesa, DODO, etc.

However, due to the imperfection of the IDO platform and the booming DEFI market, they cannot meet the needs of the market.

KList is a super cross-chain IDO platform, with diversified issuance methods,cross-chain support, large-scale ecosystem deployment, and strict security protection mechanisms, etc. It can meet market demand to a certain extent. Therefore, the market potential of KList is very huge.

Host: You have just mentioned that KList provides diversified issuance methods, then what are the ways to issue IDO on the KList platform?

Adam: KList has a fixed SWAP pool issuance, which means it is issued at a fixed initial price, PUBLIC pool (for all users) and PRIVATE pool (PRE WHITELIST audit system) are all included.Also,the liquidity SWAP pool issuance will soon be realized. And inspired by the SUSHI MISO model, KList will be built as a composable MISO issuance.

Host: What is the difference or advantage of KList compared with other IDO platforms?

Adam: Compared with other IDO platforms, KList integrates the issuance methods of the existing IDO platforms and has made some improvements, for example:

Diversified IDO methods: which including fixed SWAP pool that contains PUBLIC pool (for all users) and private pool (PRE WHITELIST audit system), liquid SWAP pool (Dutch auction), and combinable MISO (according to various rules to promote an optimal market price).

Margin System:KList has the world’s first margin system,which makes investors have more choices and voting rights,as well as protecting investors’ rights to the maximum to prevent project parties from doing evil.

Professional review: According to our data research, very few IDO platforms review projects, which is not friendly to investors, but KList has strict reviews of projects and IDO projects in KList are all the best quality projects.

Host: Before moving to the Twitter questions,

Adam also brings the KList airdrop activity to our group, Adam, could you please tell us some details about the airdrop activity?

Adam: KList is currently holding the airdrop event and anyone who completes the tasks could get the KList’s token-LIST.And the tweet below will tell you all the details.


Host: Can you explain about the recent major achievements made by KList? What is your ultimate goal in the growing Crypto market?

BY: u/ETaguebou

Adam: We want to be the world’s top IDO platform, like polkastarter.

Host: NFT is currently a very interesting trend in the DeFi and blockchain world. Is KList planning to integrate this type of asset into your platform in the near future? What do you think about these NFTs?

BY: u/EKasapidi

Adam: We will help many outstanding NFT projects to raise funds. But we are an IDO platform. We will help many outstanding NFT projects to raise funds. We also hope that more users can recommend good NFT projects to KLiST.

Host: How was the idea of creating an IDO platform born? What was the reason that prompted you to launch your project? Do you still have that motivation and enthusiasm since the beginning of the project?

BY: u/MariaCahya3

Adam: Because the primary market is very hot now, it is difficult for real users to get the quota for many good projects. We hope to build a truly transparent and decentralized token distribution platform. At the same time, we will also help our fans screen good projects.

Host: How whitelist rule was applicated by KList? Does everyone can take opportunity or any requirements to take a part?

BY: u/AMA4eper

Adam: Users need to contribute value to get the whitelist. This is the purpose.Like following our social accounts, spreading our project with friends around us; actively participating in our community governance. For more specific whitelist information, please follow us on Twitter.

Host: On what exchanges are you considering listing?

BY: u/malak15380123

Adam: We have a good relationship with bittrex, binance, huobi, okex, and bithumb.Huobi okex or binance will choose one, bittrex and bithumb will depend on the next situation.Binance is the best choice. But it’s too long.




KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform

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KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform

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