The First KList Airdrop Event

We are happy to announce that the first #KList #Airdrop Event is now live.

Rewards Pool: 100,000 $List

The event will last for one week. Let’s come and get it!

Event Requirements:

1. Follow KList official Twitter:

2. Join KList official Telegram:

3. Comment on this tweet and tag OKExChain and OKEx official Twitter:

For a better promotion effectiveness, please kindly comment the tweet and answer one of the questions:

How do you think the market outlook of KList?

Why do you think KList market is related to the crypto?
What’s your favorite point of KList?

Don’t forget to tag OKExChain and OKEx official Twitter. Including a nice message will help you avoid activating any Twitter bot protection.

4. Completing 3 tasks above and fill in the form then you are eligible for airdrop tokens.

KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform. It will first be deployed on OKExChain, and will subsequently support multi-chain ecological deployments such as ETH, BSC, DOT, etc., provide diversified IDO issuance methods so that to become a consensus bridge between start-up projects and community users. It aims to provide the project party with the most convenient, lowest cost, and most suitable project issuance mechanism. KList has a sound review process for each project, in order to punish fraudulent project issuance, KList has also established a margin and background check measure to maximize the protection of investors’ rights and interests.



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