What makes KList Outstanding among others?

3 min readDec 29, 2021


There are several crypto projects coming up every day all over the world but not so many of them have features that stand out. At the core of KList is a decentralized protocol built for initial project offerings, which enables projects to raise funds in a decentralized, license-free, and interoperable environment based on KList. This is a commendable endeavor that KList has taken up to achieve in the crypto world. It has much relevance and solves major challenges that users will really enjoy and need.

KList has a commitment to cater to various IDO approaches and plans to complete its updates from KList Version 1 to Version 3 as soon as possible based on the technical path of iterative product development. In terms of core product features, V1 shall enable fixed SWAP pool offering, V2 shall enable liquid SWAP pool offering, and inspired by the Sushi MISO model, V3 is to build a combinable IDO.

With KList, you can get different versions that prove to be quite useful and outstanding in their own way. The first version, which is the Fixed SWAP Pool Offering. KList shall first adopt the method of fixed SWAP pool offering, namely a fixed initial price offering model, including the Public Pool and Private Pool.

Public Pool: IDO for the public, in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) method of fundraising. The project party has the flexibility to configure offering options, which include Total Amount, Price per Unit, Max Unit, and Ways to Obtain (FIFO).

Private Pool: Obtaining the Pre Whitelist of users according to the project party’s tasks in the whitelist approach, and then the final whitelist users are vetted by the project party. The project party has the flexibility to configure offering options.

The second version is Liquid SWAP Pool Offering. In the method of liquid SWAP pool offering, KList will establish a smart pool and adopt Dutch auctions to allow the project party to set a relatively high coin price initially. As time goes by, the price will gradually decrease to a reasonable level.

The third version you should know about KList is the Combinable MISO Offering. In terms of the offering of KList MISO, various combination tools called “IDO ingredients” shall be created with smart contract packages. These “IDO ingredients” contain a variety of tools used to activate tokens, including TokenFactory, offering, marketing, community popularity, etc. In the case of MISO offering, its mid-price is an optimal market price based on the “ingredients”. In the KList MISO product, projects go from R&D to initial offering and token pricing, making the process of each step much easier.

Furthermore, there are additional IDO Derived Eco-Systems that are worth noting here. IDO DAPP constitutes the core product of KList. The participating project parties and users of IDO have the needs of token storage and trading etc. In order to optimize users’ experience and let IDO-retained assets play a greater value, KList will focus on developing the following ecological areas around IDO-derived eco-systems, including multi-chain IDO, storage and pledge, liquidity mining, and trading, etc.

We’ve got the Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain IDO which is quite useful as we strongly believe in the diversified future of DeFi. Considering the existence of quality projects on different chains, the KList protocol is no longer limited to Okexchain project offerings. Via cross-chain pools and cross-chain bridges, KList can connect to multiple chains such as Ether, Polka, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), etc., allowing more users to participate in IDO projects.

KList allows Liquidity Mining and Smart SWAP. In order to retain assets on the IDO platform and make assets more liquid for project parties and users, KList supports liquidity mining, market trading, and cross-chain SWAP trading. For example, users can pledge tokens to receive pledge proceeds.

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KList is a super decentralized cross-chain IDO platform